Liberal $40 million pledge to tackle surgery backlog

The State Liberals will invest $40 million to tackle the massive blowout in South Australia’s overdue elective surgery waiting list.

“The overdue waiting list has more than tripled during the last year jumping from 541 this time last year to 1700 patients today,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“Labor’s mismanagement of the elective surgery waiting lists has resulted in thousands of South Australians not having the surgery they need within the clinically recommended timeframe.

“Making people wait too long for vital surgery puts them at avoidable risk of adverse outcomes.

“Labor’s disastrous decision to close the Repat and its inability to solve major problems at the new Royal Adelaide hospital has led to the massive blowout in overdue elective surgery waiting lists.

“Currently more than half of overdue elective surgeries in South Australia are for patients at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

“Prior to Labor’s Transforming Health debacle, more than a quarter of South Australia’s urological elective surgery was done at the Repat.

“A key part of our $40 million investment in elective surgery will fund the recommissioning of operating theatres at the Repat.

“Re-opening the Repat theatres is a major component of the of the Liberals plan to renew the Repat as a hospital and health services campus.”

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