Labor shuts down open hearings for ICAC

The Marshall Liberal Government has slammed Labor Opposition’s decision today to thwart the passage of legislation enabling the ICAC Commissioner to conduct hearings into serious or systemic misconduct and maladministration in public.


“Opposition Leader Peter Malinauskas’ decision to push the legislation off to a Parliamentary Committee is demonstrating he has learnt nothing from the Oakden scandal that engulfed the former Labor Government,” said Attorney-General Vickie Chapman.

 “The former Labor Government fought tooth and nail to prevent the ICAC Commissioner Bruce Lander conducting his hearings into the Oakden scandal in public, despite Mr Lander specifically requesting that option.

“Once again the Labor Party is claiming it knows better than the ICAC Commissioner Bruce Lander, the families of the victims of abuse at Oakden and the wider community.

“By opposing open ICAC hearings into the Oakden scandal Labor put their political interests before the interests of the elderly residents at Oakden, their families and the wider community.

“It is incredible that the Labor Party are pushing their secret state agenda from the opposition benches.

“It’s time for the obstructionist and secretive Malinauskas Labor Opposition to get out of the way and give the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption the powers that he says he needs.

”The Marshall Liberal Government was elected promising open ICAC hearings into systemic misconduct and maladministration in South Australia; the Labor Party was defeated opposing that important reform.

“The Bill that has been delayed provides the Commissioner with the discretion to hold public hearings into potential issues of serious or systematic maladministration or misconduct in public administration.

“The Marshall Liberal Government is committed to improving transparency and accountability of all levels of government including the ICAC,” said Ms Chapman.

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