Labor leaves elderly residents at serious risk

The failure of the Weatherill Government to install fire sprinklers at a Country Health SA aged care facility in Kingston is an absolute disgrace and another example of why this 16- year old government needs to be kicked out of office on March 17.

“The Weatherill Government has once again placed frail elderly patients at appalling risk through its abject negligence,” said Shadow Health Minister Stephen Wade.

“The need for an upgrade of the Lighthouse Lodge fire protection system was first identified in a safety audit in July 2003, identified again in November 2012, and is yet to be delivered by this tired and incompetent government.

“Should a fire break out in the Country Health SA facility, the Weatherill Government would be held accountable any injuries to either the residents or staff.

“Had the fire protection system been upgraded in 2003 when first recommended it would have cost $58,000, the latest budgeted cost is $1,000,000.

“The Weatherill Government’s failure to provide an adequate fire protection system at the Kingston facility mirrors what happened at the Kalimna Hostel in Strathalbyn.

“Labor kept Kalimna open for two years after they were told it had failed a fire inspection, only to then suddenly close the facility without consultation in January 2017.

“Whether it is leaving elderly dementia patients in disgraceful conditions at Oakden or not upgrading fire safety systems in Kingston or Strathalbyn it is apparent that older South Australians are shamefully neglected by the Weatherill Government.

“A Marshall Liberal Government will ensure both Lighthouse Lodge and Kalmina are upgraded and fit for purpose.”

In the meantime, the Weatherill Labor Government needs to assure residents and families that all necessary steps are being taken to minimise the risk.”

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