Labor fails the future of South Australia

The Mid-Year Budget Review (MYBR) provides further proof that the Weatherill Labor Government has run its race and that South Australia desperately needs a change of government if we are going to pull ourselves out of Labor’s economic rut.

“The most telling number in the MYBR is Jay Weatherill’s pitiful 1 per cent annual employment growth during the next four years,” said Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas.

“Next year the national economy will deliver 1.75 per cent jobs growth compared to Jay Weatherill’s dismal 1 per cent.

“Over the next five years South Australia will have the lowest employment growth of any state or territory due to the Weatherill Government’s failed economic policies.

“The rest of Australia will produce jobs at a 50 per cent faster rate during the next five years than South Australia under Jay Weatherill.

“The Weatherill Government’s hopeless jobs growth will push thousands of young South Australians across the border in search of jobs interstate.

“The Weatherill Government has failed to deliver cost of living relief for struggling South Australian families and households.

“Only a Marshall Government will cut the Emergency Services tax, cap council rates and bring down the price of electricity.

“The Weatherill Government has also continued its desperate deception regarding the cost of its hire/purchase dirty diesel generators.

“The $339 million the Weatherill Government has admitted to so far is well short of the actual cost and an obscene waste of money compared to the $8 million it would have cost to keep the Northern Power Station operating.

“Labor’s decision to close the Northern Power Station was the greatest act of economic vandalism since the State Bank disaster.

“Jay Weatherill needs to pull his disgraceful taxpayer funded election ads from television, radio, newspapers and social media.

“Today’s MYBR shows another four years under the Weatherill Labor Government will see South Australia fall further behind the rest of the country.”

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