Labor fails health report card

The latest national health data released today shows that Labor’s Transforming Health plan has severely damaged health services in the State.

The data confirms that the Weatherill Government’s closure of the Repat and downgrading of three other hospitals was a budget-driven process that has led to a severe deterioration in both hospital and ambulance services.

Ambulances (Table 11A.3)

Adelaide’s ambulance response times to emergency calls have worsened by 17% since the last election (FY13/14) – that’s up two and half minutes, from 14.5 minutes to 17 minutes.

This is the fourth year in a row that this indicator has gone backwards.

Elective Surgery (Table 12A.28)

Overdue elective surgery has increased by 77% on average over the last three years.

Emergency Department (Table 12A.13)

South Australia has the worst performance of any State in terms of timely response to emergency cases in our emergency departments.

The proportion of these patients seen on time has fallen by 7% under Transforming Health – from 74% seen on time in 2013-14 to 67% in 2016-17.

“Timely treatment is critical to delivering positive outcomes for patients and South Australia is going backwards in key areas,” said Shadow Minister for Health Stephen Wade.

“These figures confirm the importance of the Liberal plan to use the surgical facilities at the Repat and the importance of restoring the HDU at Modbury Hospital.

“The Labor Party’s response to the data shows that they are not fit for Government.

“They don’t even acknowledge the problem, let alone have a serious response.”

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