Hit the reset button for better shop trading hours

If elected, a Marshall Liberal Government will move swiftly to deregulate shop trading hours, in a major boost for retailers, workers and consumers in South Australia.

“As part of our Strong Plan for Real Change for more jobs, lower costs and better services, we will bring South Australia’s archaic shop trading hours into the 21st century,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“There is a clear choice at this election, with Nick Xenophon and his SA-BEST candidates lining up with Jay Weatherill and Tom Koutsantonis to hold back the South Australian economy with their refusal to back changes to SA’s ridiculous shop trading hours regime.

“In stark contrast, a Marshall Liberal Government will deregulate shop trading hours, removing restrictions on retailers on when they can open and what type of goods they can sell on public holidays.

“South Australian businesses and consumers want choice, and deregulation of shop trading hours will create more jobs and opportunities for workers in the state’s retail sector.

“Labor’s crazy shop trading hours prevent shoppers from buying groceries from some stores after 5pm on weekends, before 11am on Sundays, and the ludicrous nature of the current regime is on full display today, with people able to buy a couch on a public holiday but they can’t buy a TV from the same store.

“South Australian bricks and mortar businesses also want to be able to compete with online retailers who don’t have a physical presence here in SA.

“Support for deregulation among South Australians is very strong, with a recent survey commissioned by Business SA revealing 75 per cent of those surveyed support changes to SA’s current archaic shop trading hours.

“The survey conducted by the UniSA-based Institute for Choice also showed that 30 per cent of those surveyed said they would apply for a job in retail if changes to shop trading hours were made.

“Clearly if traders want to trade, shoppers want to shop, and workers want to work, then the law shouldn’t stop them.

“South Australians have a chance to hit the reset button this week and vote for the only party which will deregulate shop trading hours, giving more choice to traders and shoppers, and bolstering the economy with more jobs for workers in the retail sector.”

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