Government tells union bosses to 'get real' over cuts to Ministerial chauffeurs

Union bosses from the Public Service Association of SA this month have lodged a dispute with the SA Employment Tribunal protesting Government actions to cut the number of Ministerial cars and Ministerial chauffeurs.

Treasurer Rob Lucas said today that it was about time for union bosses to ‘get into the real world’ and it was, frankly, unbelievable that anyone would be delaying or opposing a Government’s policy to reduce Ministerial cars and chauffeurs.

“The Liberal Government, prior to the election, promised to get rid of 3 Ministerial cars and chauffeurs which would save taxpayers $1.6 million over the budget forward estimates,” said Treasurer Lucas.

“This policy was then implemented as part of our first budget last year.

“However, union bosses from the PSA have complained about a lack of consultation with them before implementing the decision. Union bosses have now also sought to stop the Government from implementing the decision before their claim of a dispute has been resolved.

“We have seen a number of other examples of disputes being lodged by union bosses, such as SafeWork SA’s policy of enforcing restrictions on the private use of taxpayer-funded vehicles for some employees.

“Taxpayers would be shaking their heads in anger and astonishment that a government has to spend money fighting union bosses before an industrial tribunal just because it’s trying to cut the number of Ministerial cars and chauffeurs.

“It is time for union bosses to ‘get real’ and allow governments to get on with the business of managing the budget and governing.”

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