Get it right first time

The State Liberals say the closing of the O-Bahn tunnel for further work less than a month after it was officially ‘opened’ is further proof of the need to better coordinate public transport projects to avoid unnecessary inconvenience to commuters and expense to taxpayers.

“Do the job right first time will be the motto of a Marshall Liberal Government,” said Shadow Minister for Transport David Pisoni.

“Political timelines will be subservient to the interests of commuters and taxpayers under a Marshall Liberal Government.

“After 16 years in office the Weatherill Government is completely incapable of getting the basics right on public transport infrastructure projects.

“The simple truth is these works should have been completed before the tunnel was opened.

“Having failed to complete the job the first time the Weatherill Government is now compounding its failure by stringing out the rectification works.

“These additional works should be completed in a single block of work, not a night here and a weekend there.

“I also want a guarantee that the tram extension along North Terrace will be fully completed before Jay Weatherill has his ribbon cutting exercise for that project.

“Labor’s refusal to incorporate a right-hand turn into the North Terrace tram extension has been driven by politics not policy.

“The tram’s right-hand turn into North Terrace was abandoned because it didn’t suit Labor’s political imperative to have a ribbon cutting ceremony on the extension to the old RAH site before the March state election.

“When it became apparent the inclusion of a right-hand turn would delay the project the plan was jettisoned to ensure it could be could be opened before the March state election.

“Having thrown an additional $10 million at the North Terrace project it would be nothing short of disgraceful if it was ‘opened’ for political purposes before it was actually completed.”

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