First step towards local Health Boards

The Marshall Liberal Government has taken a key step to implement its promised health reforms with the introduction of legislation into Parliament to establish Local Health Network Governing Boards.

“The Marshall Government will deliver a more decentralised public health system, empower local communities and improve patient safety,” said Minister for Health and Wellbeing Stephen Wade.

“There is strong community support, particularly in regional South Australia, for the re-establishment of local health boards.

“Currently, the governance of SA Health is managed centrally, with authority and accountability residing with the Chief Executive of SA Health.

“These changes will deliver better outcomes for patients and will help LHN’s be more responsive and innovative in meeting the health needs of their communities.

“By devolving decision-making, we will see better decisions made at a local level, empower local managers and become better engaged with our clinicians.

“We will be heavily engaging with clinicians, staff and stakeholders on how the public health system will work as a whole to inform the future shape of SA Health.”

The proposed changes will result in 10 Local Health Networks, each with their own Governing Board.

This includes three metropolitan Adelaide Local Health Network Governing Boards (Central Adelaide, Southern Adelaide and Northern Adelaide), six regional and one statewide Health Network Governing Board (Women’s and Children’s).

The six new regional LHN’s will be established using the same boundaries as the current Country Health SA regions.

Minister Wade said these reforms will be implemented in a staged approach with the most significant changes to take place from 1 July 2019, when the new Governing Boards become fully operational.

The first stage will be an Expression of Interest process for the 10 Governing Board Chairs which is currently underway.”

This process will occur throughout June with appointments to be made by 31 July 2018.

“The second stage will be an Expression of Interest process for board members, which will commence later in 2018.

The overall transition will be gradual with LHN’s starting to work with their governing board Chairs, in the lead up the Governing Boards becoming fully operational across the state by 1 July next year.

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