First 100 days of a Marshall Government

A Marshall Liberal Government will hit the ground running with a suite of policy and legislative initiatives during the first 100 days in office to kick start South Australia’s renewal if successful on March 17.

“My promise to deliver more jobs, lower costs and better services will frame every action of a Marshall Liberal Government,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“A Marshall Government will be on the job from day one preparing to deliver half a billion dollars in tax cuts to South Australian households and businesses to grow jobs and ease cost of living pressures.

“Our $90 million cut in ESL bills, reductions in payroll tax and $100 million home battery subsidy scheme will be critical in providing the spark to re-ignite South Australia’s moribund economy.

“Repairing the damage done to our health system by Labor’s catastrophic Transforming Health program is essential if South Australians are going to have shorter waiting times when they go to an emergency department or need life-changing surgery.

“Letting South Australians shop when they want, not just when Labor’s union bosses and Nick Xenophon think they should, will create new jobs for our kids and greater convenience for time poor families.

“The contrast between a Marshall Liberal Government and a Labor-Xenophon Coalition couldn’t be clearer.

“At the last state election Labor promised to continue building South Australia but delivered the nation’s worst unemployment, highest electricity bills and chaos in our health system.

“Labor cannot be trusted to run our state again.

“Nick Xenophon will paralyse South Australia whilst conducting the world’s longest review of government operations if he is allowed anywhere near the reins of power after March 17.

“South Australians can’t afford to wait for years to tackle skyrocketing electricity prices, the jobs crisis and chaos in our health system whilst Nick conducts a hundred reviews into the problems Labor has created.”

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