ESL bills hitting letterboxes

The State Liberals’ commitment to cut the Emergency Services Levy (ESL) tax by $360 million over four years could not come soon enough for South Australians receiving their massive ESL bills this week.

A Marshall Liberal Government will cut ESL bills by an estimated $600 over the first term of a Liberal Government for a homeowner with a property valued at $450,000.

“The State Liberals will cut the ESL tax by $360 million and put that money back into the pockets of South Australian families, businesses and the community,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“The Weatherill Government’s obsession with smashing South Australians with new taxes is hurting families who are struggling to pay their bills and preventing businesses from creating much needed jobs.

“That’s why the State Liberals will cut this harmful tax by $360 million.

“South Australian households and businesses are already grappling with the highest electricity prices in the world and simply can’t afford another massive ESL bill.

“The Weatherill Government continues to waste millions of taxpayers’ dollars on blatant political campaigns while families and businesses struggle to make ends meet.

“The Weatherill Government is out of touch with the reality of how tough some South Australians are doing it.

“Last financial year 105,000 ESL late notices were issued and as of June this year 21,000 South Australians were yet to pay their ESL bills.

“These figures clearly demonstrate that South Australian families, businesses and community organisations simply can’t afford these massive tax hikes.

“The Weatherill Government’s massive increases in the ESL tax doesn’t just hit homeowners, it also hurts our sporting clubs, community organisations, churches and independent schools.

“The State Liberals know that South Australians are in desperate need of financial relief and that’s why we will slash this tax while maintaining the current level of emergency services.

“South Australians have a clear choice at the next state election between a Marshall Liberal Government that will cut taxes and reduce the cost of living or a tired Weatherill Government that will continue to smash South Australians with new taxes.”

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