End of the long lunch on the taxpayers’ tab

The State Liberals will end the practice of Government Ministers having long boozy lunches at the taxpayers’ expense with a strict new policy on who pays for alcohol consumed by Ministers, their staff and guests.

Ministers spending taxpayers’ money on alcohol for themselves, their staff, public servants and guests will end under a Marshall Liberal Government.

Similar restrictions will also apply to ministerial staff spending taxpayers’ money on alcohol.

“We have had the obscene situation where Labor Ministers and their staff have indulged in expensive bottles of wine during cosy dinners that have nothing to do with government business,” said Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas.

“Labor Minister Leon Bignell charged taxpayers $100 for a bottle of Argentinian wine during a dinner with his own staff member as part of a $150,000 bill for ministerial travel in a single year.

“Treasurer Koutsantonis was embarrassed into repaying $1000 from a spending splurge on lunches and dinners soon after he became a Minister.

“We also have seen the example of taxpayers paying $29 for glasses of Moet at 2.00am in New York nightclubs for guests of former Treasurer Kevin Foley.

“The excesses of the Weatherill Labor Government will not continue under a Marshall Liberal Government.

“A Marshall Liberal Government will also ban officials of political parties from undertaking government lobbying in South Australia.

“We will amend the Lobbyists Act 2015 to prevent any office bearer of the state governing body of a registered political party or an associated entity such as a union from becoming a registered lobbyist in South Australia.

“Our prohibition will make it clear that a person can be an official of a political party or a lobbyist, but not both.

“A Marshall Liberal Government will raise the bar substantially on Government accountability and transparency issues.”

Our agenda for open and accountable government will include:

  • Ministerial accountability;
  • Banning political party officials from being government lobbyists;
  • Stricter rules for ministerial / ministerial staff spending on alcohol;
  • Ensuring Ministers provide prompt answers to parliamentary questions;
  • ICAC – access to Cabinet documents;
  • More extensive powers for the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption;
  • Greater transparency in the awarding of major government contracts;
  • Ensuring more effective protection to journalists and their sources;
  • Regular public disclosure of costs of government advertising and strict controls to prevent abuse of taxpayers’ money;
  • Consultants / Contractors, and
  • Ministerial overseas trips.

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