Cutting the cost of hospital car parking

A Marshall Liberal Government will establish a new patient and carer parking scheme to reduce the costs of car parking at all metropolitan hospitals if successful at the March 17 state election.

The scheme will be targeted to help parents of children in hospital, relatives of long-stay patients, family of palliative care patients and patients with frequent outpatient appointments.

“The cost of car parking at Adelaide’s metropolitan hospitals is a significant financial burden on many patients, carers and relatives at what is often a very difficult time in people’s lives,” said Shadow Minister for Health Stephen Wade.

“The high cost of car parking at our hospitals adds unnecessary stress to a stressful situation.

“As a first step a Marshall Liberal Government will reduce the cost of obtaining a weekly carpark permit at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and properly advertise the existence of the weekly permit at all hospitals.

“Currently a weekly carpark for relatives of long-stay patients costs $65 at the RAH – 70% higher than any other metropolitan hospital. The State Liberal’s policy will see the cost of a weekly pass at the RAH fall to $38.

“Taxpayers are already paying $1m a day for the hospital. Now the Government is fleecing patients and their carers through car park fees.

“A Marshall Liberal Government will also ensure people are aware of their entitlement to cheaper weekly parking rates. Many people have no idea of the existence of the weekly permits.

“Further reductions in cost for other frequent users of hospital carparks will follow after a complete review of the operation of the metropolitan hospitals car parks.

“Affordable car parking fees will help ease the financial and emotional strain of people attending hospitals as patients, carers or visitors.

“Trying to complete a hospital visit within a strict timeframe can interfere with a person’s capacity to support a loved one undergoing treatment.

“A Marshall Liberal Government will give people more space to focus on what matters – the patient”.

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