Completing the North-South Corridor

The State Liberals will develop a detailed business case for all incomplete sections of the North-South Corridor by the end of this year, if successful at the March state election.

A Marshall Liberal Government will immediately review the work undertaken to date by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure and allocate $2.5 million to ensure the outstanding businesses cases are completed and submitted to Infrastructure Australia.

“The North-South Corridor is the single most important road infrastructure project in South Australia but the Weatherill Government has delayed its completion by failing to submit the necessary analysis to Infrastructure Australia,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“Labor’s failure to complete a detailed business case will delay access to essential federal funding for this project that is so critical to South Australia’s future prosperity.

“Until the North-South Corridor is complete, we won’t secure the full benefit from those sections already constructed.

“As Adelaide’s most important road corridor for commuter and freight traffic, it’s vital that this project is completed to alleviate pressure on our arterial road network and to support much more efficient movement of local, interstate and international freight.

“The fact the North-South Corridor failed to even rate a mention in the Premier’s press release announcing $2 billion of expenditure on infrastructure confirms Labor have dropped the ball on this project.

“Jay Weatherill has admitted he has trouble remaining focussed on finishing one project before moving onto the next one but this omission is ridiculous.

“Without a detailed business case including final concept designs and cost benefit ratios South Australia will not be able to access vital federal funding to complete the project.

“The Federal Government has already provided the Weatherill Government with $8.5 million in funds to deliver project planning for the North-South Corridor.

“That should have been ample to fund the necessary public consultation, economic analysis, further scoping of project details and consideration of how project sections could be bundled as work packages to best suit funding availability and procurement strategies.

“Had the Weatherill Government done the work it has already been paid for a clear funding strategy would already be in place for this vital project.

“Because of the Weatherill Government’s incompetence it is now impossible to complete the North- South Corridor within the 10-year timeframe proposed by the Federal Government and agreed to by the State Labor Government.”

The work ahead of a future Marshall Liberal Government includes:

  • Detailed concept planning including traffic modelling;
  • Consultation with local government, utilities and the community;
  • Firming up cost estimates and developing an implementation plan;
  • Undertaking financial and economic analysis; and
  • Developing a procurement strategy and work packages which provide South Australian businesses with opportunities to be included.

A Marshall Liberal Government will not support tolls and we rule out tolls for financing any section of the North-South Corridor.

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