Chemotherapy delays unacceptable

The State Liberals are calling on the Health Minister Jack Snelling to release the AHPRA report into the chemotherapy bungle.

“The victims of this breakdown in the quality of health services have been waiting more than a year for this explanation as to how the South Australian health system failed them,” said Shadow Minister for Health and Wellbeing.

“The Weatherill Government has steadfastly refused to hold a judicial investigation into the bungle to provide answers to families.

“Having denied the need for a judicial inquiry on the basis of the AHPRA investigation, the Minister cannot know keep it secret. He must provide a copy to victims immediately and then publicly release it.

“The release of the AHPRA report would provide a better understanding of how South Australia’s health system comprehensively failed so many patients at the moment they needed it most.

“It is totally unacceptable that it has taken eighteen months for only part of the investigation to be completed, especially given the vulnerability of the client group. Three serious matters are still subject to investigation.

“The AHPRA investigation does not address issues in relation to SA Health staff who are not registered health professionals when there are so many issues that have been raised about the performance of health bureaucrats.

“Minister Snelling must also explain why the Government’s internal disciplinary processed are not finalized and what the Crown Solicitor’s Office Disciplinary Inventional found?

“I’m astonished that more than two years since SA Health became aware of the mistakes in the treatment of the patients that the Weatherill Government’s internal investigation has not finished.

“This is despite former SA Health CE David Swan telling the Select Committee into the chemotherapy bungle on the 16 June last year:

The fourth one is a forensic audit that we have undertaken and are working through related to the actions of the employees from an industrial prospective. That is well underway, but still going through its natural process 

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