Another reason to cap council rates

The State Liberals are demanding that all candidates at the March State Election support their policy to cap council rates following the latest example of wasted ratepayer money.

Yesterday it was reported that the Mayor of Port Pirie Regional Council visited his girlfriend while on ratepayer funded trips to the Philippines on at least two occasions.

“Any candidate who does not support our plan to cap council rates is basically saying that South Australian ratepayers should help subsidise these outrageous expenses,” said Shadow Minister for Local Government David Pisoni.

“South Australian ratepayers have been forced to subsidise golf memberships, luxury cars, trips to the Australian Open and now we’ve found out that a Mayor has been visiting his girlfriend on ratepayer funded overseas trips.

“We’ve also seen councils spend $40 million of ratepayers’ money on lawyers over the last four years.

“Enough is enough – any candidate who does not support the Liberals’ rate capping policy is sentencing South Australians to higher rates, higher bills and more financial pressure on the family budget.

“Nick Xenophon is choosing to side with the Weatherill Labor Government and the councils instead of protecting households and businesses from massive rate hikes.

“Nick Xenophon has backflipped on his previous position and now does not support council rate capping – he can’t be trusted.

“The State Liberals don’t accept that South Australians should have to cop the massive increases to council rates that we’ve seen in recent years.

“A Marshall Liberal Government has a plan to reduce cost of living pressures and that starts by capping council rates.

“We have also committed to slashing $150 off the average household ESL bill, delivering the Liberal Energy Solution that will see the average household electricity bill fall by $302 once fully implemented and review SA Water’s pricing structure to drive down water bills.”

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