Alert SA app chaos leaves South Australians exposed

South Australians who have downloaded the Alert SA app have been left stranded in the middle of the bushfire season, with the government telling people to stop using the application.

This comes after the application, which has 170,000 users, failed during catastrophic bushfire conditions on Saturday.

“The failure of the Alert SA app is potentially a matter of life and death. This failure has put people’s lives at risk,” said Shadow Minster for Emergency Services Stephan Knoll.

The Alert SA app previously failed on the 27th to the 29th of October 2017. A review conducted into the incident refused to rule out further issues into the future.

“The government has failed to heed the warnings of the previous app failure and associated review and this has left us in a chaotic and unprepared position right in the middle of the bushfire season.

“The government needs to find ways to contact everyone that has downloaded the app to alert them to the fact that the app should no longer be used.

“South Australians have come to rely on the app to provide them with timely and reliable information and without notification many will continue to use the app.

“Minister Picton is clearly out of his depth, leaving South Australians in a compromised and dangerous situation.

“All South Australians should seek out multiple sources of information and listen to the advice of our hard working emergency service agencies.”

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