Adelaide to become start-up capital of Australia

A Marshall Liberal Government will transform Adelaide into the business start-up capital of Australia to create more jobs and grow our population.

“The State Liberals have a strong plan to create more jobs and attract more businesses to South Australia,” said Shadow Minister for Industry Corey Wingard.

“We want Adelaide to become the business start-up capital of Australia and we have a plan to keep our best and brightest from leaving South Australia and attract more interstate and overseas businesses to set up in Adelaide.”

A Marshall Liberal Government will:

  • Establish an Innovation, Incubator and Start-up Hub on the old RAH site;
  • Boost StudyAdelaide’s annual funding to $2.5 million;
  • Abolish payroll tax for small business; and
  • Work with the Federal Government to implement a start-up visa pilot program.

“Young South Australians are leaving in droves for greener pastures interstate after they finish school or university and it’s damaging our state’s prosperity,” said Mr Wingard.

“Since Labor came to power in 2002 we’ve had a net interstate migration loss of over 53,000 and a population growth rate that’s well below the national average.

“We have a strong plan to turn this around and it begins by making South Australia a more attractive place to do business which will create more job opportunities for young South Australians.

“By lowering costs and supporting entrepreneurs and start-ups in South Australia we will aim to have the highest rate of start-ups in the country within a decade.

“The State Liberals don’t accept that South Australia losing thousands of our best and brightest each year should be the norm.

“We have a plan to encourage those people to stay in Adelaide, set up their businesses and bring more dollars into our economy and create more jobs.

“Our plan will help ensure that no child beginning school in 2018 in South Australia will have to move interstate or overseas to find a job or start their own business.

“The Weatherill Government has failed our young people and only the Marshall Liberal Team has a strong plan to deliver more jobs and opportunities for young South Australians and entrepreneurs.”

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