A shameful chapter in South Australia’s history

State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall says ICAC Commissioner Bruce Lander’s report into the Oakden scandal is a shocking indictment of a disgraceful government.

“This is indeed a dark day in the history of our state,” said Mr Marshall.

“The report illustrates a Government that has lost touch, a Cabinet that doesn’t care and a Premier who runs a protection racket for incompetent ministers.

Mr Lander finds: The extent to which senior persons in positions of authority outside of the Oakden Facility did not know about what was occurring at the facility was breathtaking.

“The person with the ultimate authority and responsibility in this scandal is the Premier who has failed our most vulnerable citizens and deserves to be sacked on the 17th of March.

“The real victims of Labor’s failures are the patients who were abused, their partners, their children and their friends.

“An apology from Jay Weatherill today would be hollow and insincere.

“Jay Weatherill stood by Leesa Vlahos and repeatedly claimed that she was responsible for the inquiry into the disgraced Oakden facility.

“Commissioner Lander has found that claim to be completely false, describing Ms Vlahos as a follower who was saved from a finding of maladministration by the actions of others.

Mr Lander found: The problem was the regime that existed that enabled the Oakden Facility and its operations to deteriorate to such an extraordinarily poor state and to operate in that way for such an extended period of time without any meaningful intervention.

“That regime is the result of 16 years of incompetent Labor Government: it’s time for regime change.”

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