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Hon Michelle Lensink MLC

Liberals attack NRM tax increase

Jul 07, 2016

The State Liberals have introduced legislation that will force the Weatherill Government to reveal any ministerial directives to the NRN boards, in particular those jacking up the NRM levy, to end Labor’s habit of sneaking NRM tax increases in through the backdoor.

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Liberals muzzle Labor’s bad dog policies

Jul 06, 2016

 The State Liberals have welcomed the passage of amendments to the Dog and Cat Management Act, nearly three years after a bipartisan committee supported the changes that have finally, reluctantly been accepted by the Weatherill Government.

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Farmers hit by another Weatherill tax grab

May 17, 2016

The State Liberals will be applying the blowtorch to embattled Water Minister Ian Hunter in State Parliament today regarding the massive increases in the Natural Resources Management Levy.

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Status of Women takes another hit from Labor Government

Oct 15, 2015
The State Liberals are demanding the Minister for the Status of Woman Gail Gago condemns Treasurer Koutsantonis’ use of highly obscene language in meetings with public servants.

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Casual attitude to TCE contamination continues

Sep 03, 2015

 The State Liberals are deeply concerned for the health of residents of Beverley who have been living in the TCE contamination zone.

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End the procrastination on puppy farms

Aug 13, 2015

The State Liberals are calling on the Weatherill Government to end its procrastination on protecting companion animals from appalling exploitation and pass the Animal Welfare (Companion Animals) Amendment Bill 2014 when Parliament resumes

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Clovelly Park contamination risk repeated in Beverley

Jul 28, 2015

The State Liberals have accused the Weatherill Government of repeating the mistakes it made in its handling the Clovelly Park contamination scandal with the threat posed by TCE contamination identified in Beverley.

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Raining money for SA Water

Jul 15, 2015

The Weatherill Government has once again pushed up the price of water for South Australian households and small businesses despite the fact it received a $64 million budget windfall from SA Water last year.

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Dog gone rip-off

Jun 29, 2015

The State Liberals will move to amend Weatherill Government legislation that increases the fine for a dog found ‘wandering at large’ by 300 per cent.

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Nice work if you get it

Mar 27, 2015

The revelation that SA Water executives have been receiving massive bonuses for delivering the most expensive water in Australia highlights the need for an independent inquiry into all aspects of water pricing in South Australia.

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