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Labor’s No Take Zone debacle continues

Aug 13, 2012

Steven Marshall MP

Shadow Minister for Environment & Conservation

Labor’s No Take Zone debacle continues

Information released by the Marine Parks Alliance today shows that the Labor Government’s proposed Marine Park Sanctuary Zones will cost South Australia more than $100 million per year.

Since the Government first put its draft ‘no take’ sanctuary zone proposal out in late 2010 the Minister has been on the back foot fending off community and industry hostility to the proposal.

“The Minister needs to immediately release the full costs of the proposed sanctuary zones,” Shadow Environment Minister Steven Marshall said.  

“This includes the loss of revenue to the fishing industry, the cost of administering and enforcing the new zones, the cost to coastal communities and the amount the government plans to pay in compensation.

“To date there has been no detail of these costs, which further highlights that this process has been handled extremely poorly from the start. 

“The Liberal Opposition supports the concept of Marine Parks, but we do not support the current proposed Sanctuary Zones. 

“There is simply no justification for the massive social and economic impact of these proposed new zones. They will be devastating for industries and they will be devastating on many regional communities."



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