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John Gardner MP

Inmates escape, security breaches, assaults on staff: When will Labor get real on juvenile justice?

May 23, 2012

A series of recent violent assaults on staff at the Magill Training Centre reinforces the need for the Weatherill Labor Government to get serious about discipline and security in our juvenile justice system.

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South Australians risk missing out on NDIS funds

May 11, 2012

South Australians with severe and permanent disabilities risk missing out on a share of National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funds, unless the State Labor Government significantly boosts disability support in its May 31 Budget.

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Record levels of unmet need for disability support

May 03, 2012

South Australia now has record levels of unmet need for category 1 disability support services, according to figures released today.  

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South Australians with a disability can’t afford to wait for the NDIS

Apr 30, 2012

Shadow Disability Minister John Gardner has called on the Weatherill Labor Government to improve support for South Australians with a disability ahead of today’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) rally.

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Labor’s skyrocketing cost of living leaves charities struggling to cope with demand

Apr 20, 2012

Data released by Anglicare this morning showing a sharp increase in the number of people they are forced to “turn-away” points to the terrible consequences of Labor’s inability to control the cost of living over the last decade.

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National Youth Week

Apr 13, 2012

Youth week provides us with an opportunity to celebrate our young people’s achievements, to discuss issues facing Australia’s youth and to recognise the future generations who will soon join us in the workforce, in our community groups and even in Parliament.

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Vulnerable South Australians left in the cold by Government

Apr 12, 2012

Labor Social Inclusion Minister Ian Hunter has trivialised revelations that 700 South Australians with sensitive medical conditions will miss out on heating and cooling concessions.

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Government too slow to process heating and cooling concessions

Apr 11, 2012

The Labor Government has failed to deliver energy concessions to more than 1,000 South Australians who require heating and cooling for a range of medical conditions with 92% of applications remaining unprocessed.

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Young and homeless need our support

Apr 07, 2012

Easter is a time for spiritual reflection, and for families and communities to come together, but for thousands of our young people it can also be a time of increased isolation.

More than 4,000 young people in South Australia – including an alarming number of young children - sought accommodation assistance in the September quarter last year.

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Housing Trust homes demolished while more than 22,000 wait

Apr 04, 2012

For ten years Labor has been running down our public housing stock and now they’re selling off even more homes to pay off their massive debt.

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