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Bikie laws a priority? Less talk – more action

Feb 01, 2012

Hon Stephen Wade MLC

Shadow Attorney General
Shadow Minister for Justice

Bikie laws a priority? Less talk – more action

Having called for the Government to get its anti-gangs law into Parliament for more than two years, the Opposition today offered its support to postpone the address and reply speeches following the opening of Parliament to give priority to the package of bills, if the Government releases the bills now.

Earlier today Shadow Attorney-General Stephen Wade said, “If the Attorney-General is serious about addressing the recent gang violence sweeping across Adelaide he will immediately release draft laws.”

“After two more years and open violence in the streets the Attorney-General says he finally has changes ready to go – well let’s see them,” Mr Wade said.

“Considering Labor’s decade of failure in dealing with gangs, the Opposition will give the whole package thorough scrutiny.

“Better laws promote public safety. Labor cannot be trusted to draft good laws.

“There are more gangs, more gang members and just as many gang club houses than when this Labor Government took power in 2002.

“Labor also promised to tear down bikie fortresses but not one has been bulldozed.

“After a decade of Labor talking tough on law and order, the situation in South Australia is going from bad to worse.”



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