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Helping to shape Australia's future is really quite simple. All you've got to do is become involved. The Liberal Party welcomes your involvement, because the more involved you are, the more the Party will reflect the beliefs and desires of more Australians.

How involved can you become?

There is no limit to your involvement. There are no boundaries to the influence and contribution you can make. Initially, all you need to do is become a member of your local Liberal Party branch.

As a branch member you can participate in political debates, express your own views and work towards having those views become part of policy.

After all, the party is simply a reflection of the views of its members. Obviously the strengths of your beliefs and your ability to arouse support from other members determines the impact your views will have. Also, as a branch member, you will have constant opportunities to mobilise public opinion and help to put your representatives into government.

You will have the opportunity to represent your branch as a delegate to State and Federal Electoral Committees, Regional Councils and the governing body, State Council.

If you have strong views on particular areas of Government policy, you may wish to be involved with one of the many Policy Advisory Committees such as Multicultural, Women's Council, Rural and Regional Council and the Young Liberal Movement. These advise the Party on all areas of State and Federal policy and are organised to reflect members' views.

You may wish to seek endorsement as a Liberal Party candidate. After all, most elected Liberal Party MP's started out as local branch members.



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