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Ten years: a decade of Labor mess

Ten years: a decade of Labor mess

South Australians are suffering after ten years of Labor mismanagement, ranging from massive cost of living increases to a damaging youth unemployment rate.

Labor’s ten year report card, which comes on Premier Weatherill’s watch, is a damning black mark and indictment of the mess it has created since taking Government in 2002.

For ten years now, Labor has failed to manage the State’s Budget and invest for the future.

Labor has failed miserably in providing good governance for South Australia, including:

  • Cost of living: Electricity charges have doubled under Labor, gas charges are up 79 per cent and Adelaide now has the nation’s highest capital city water charges
  • Job opportunities: Since Labor has been in power, the number of advertised job vacancies has halved
  • Taxes, fees and charges: South Australia is the highest taxing state, pinching money from household budgets and contributing to the nation’s worst economic growth and business confidence levels
  • Youth unemployment: Almost one in three young South Australian full-time-job seekers are unable to find work
  • Workers’ compensation: South Australia has the nation’s worst performing workers’ compensation system

After a decade of neglect, families, employers, small businesses and our economy are struggling under Labor.

Labor’s taxes – the highest in the nation – are pinching household budgets more than in any other state and putting even greater pressure on local businesses and the economy. Mr Weatherill needs to explain why South Australia is performing so badly under Labor.

Mr Weatherill also needs to explain to South Australian families why their cost of living has skyrocketed under Labor.



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